The Walnut Tree Company
Potash Farm

Fruit Trees


If any customer ordering nut trees wishes to also plant a fine selection of fruit trees, Alexander Hunt from The Walnut Tree Company will be delighted to assist.

Through Alexander Hunt's nursery connections he is able to source the finest selections of varieties of apple, apricot, cherry, damson, fig, gage, plum, medlar, mirabelle, mulberry, nectarine, peach, pear and quince. Broadly speaking, he is able to source three to four of the best varieties of the these fruit trees.

This additional service proved very popular with some of his nut tree customers in 2016 and he is very keen to offer these trees to all of his future nut tree customers.


This fruit tree offering will be of particular interest to the specialist garden or commercial grower who wishes to enjoy a wide range of UK grown fruit and nut trees. Those customers that are fortunate enough to have sheltered, or even walled garden areas, are well advised to consider some of these fruit trees as they can be trained or grown in an espalier or shaped way.

These fruit trees can be despatched alongside any customers ordered nut trees and for any further help or information please contact Alexander Hunt direct on 01732 882734 or 07979 525 939 or email in the first instance.