The Walnut Tree Company
Potash Farm

The Walnut Tree Company

about.jpgThe Walnut Tree Company was established in 2000 by four people interested in walnuts. They all had a very wide ranging experience of walnut tree production and their culture.

At the beginning of 2010 and following a change in the business structure Alexander Hunt purchased the company and is moving the business forward. He also owns and runs Potash Farm at St Marys Platt nr Sevenoaks a specialist and developed cobnut growing business.

Alan Olley, one of the founder members of The Walnut Tree Company grows walnuts at Flimwell in East Sussex, is going to continue to work with Alexander Hunt in developing the business further. His experience in walnut production and advice is unrivalled.

Between them, this will allow the new company to provide a dedicated and specialist service to its past and new customers. The aims are to have a practical approach to Walnut, Cobnut, Almond, and Sweet Chestnut growing in the UK and beyond. We can help you whatever your needs may be.

The aim of the new company is to continue to supply the very best quality trees to growers. Often, nut trees are sourced without growers knowing about their origin and sustainability for their planting purpose.

The company has a range of selected timber trees for forestry and fruit trees for commercial growers and gardeners. Recent customers include several prestigious UK forestry organisations from both Government and private sectors and many landowners, fruit growers and gardeners across Britain and Ireland. The company also has a list of international clients.

Alexander Hunt from the Walnut Tree Co are registered tree suppliers with the woodland trust, the Forestry Commisson, Forestry England and English Woodlands Forestry. He has built up a good reputation for different advice and helps all of these bodies with new planting and agroforestry schemes.

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