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Bare Rooted Cobnut And Hazelnut Trees

If any commercial grower or new entrant into the nut growing industry wishes to plant Cobnuts on a large scale The Walnut Tree Company is able to help by offering bare rooted trees two years old in a number of heights. We can also offer a number of  additional  varieties  to the  Kentish Cobnut and Gunselbert Cob  including Nottingham Cob, Halls Giant, Webbs Prize Cob, Cosford, Coribel, Tonda Gentile Trilobata (Confectionary), Lange Tidling Zeller, and Butler.

As a business we are now selling 1000s of Cobnut trees a year. Demand is very strong so please telephone to discuss tree numbers and price at any time. 

Please contact us directly to discuss bare rooted trees.
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