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Fruit And Nut Duo (Special Offer)

Chelsea (King James I) Mulberry Tree And Red Majestic Cobnut Tree


Chelsea (King James I) Mulberry Tree

There is a fascinating history to this black mulberry. It is derived from a tree that existed in the 17th century, in a garden in Swan Walk, which became the Chelsea Physic Garden, during the time of King James I. During the 1939/45 war the last remaining tree was about to be grubbed to make way for an air shelter when cuttings were taken and this variety has survived ever since in the trees of this name. Producing large and succulent fruit cropping early in life. Harvesting is best done each day. If hand picked the fruit will be bruised causing staining to fingers and clothes – children enjoy the experience of course! For a clean operation take a large sheet and lay it under the tree and shake the boughs vigorously. Any perfectly ripe fruit will fall and are subsequently gathered with ease. An intensely rich flavour. Add sugar, microwave, seive and pour over ice cream!

Red Majestic Cobnut Tree

Striking red leaved form. Corkscrew twisted shoots, dark purple leaves. Purple catkins eventually turning purple green.
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