The Walnut Tree Company
Potash Farm

Walnut trees for the garden or fruit industry

fruit1.jpgOur recommended grafted varieties suitable for growing and producing fruit (for pickling and nut production) are outstanding.

Several varieties should be planted together which have overlapping flowering times to ensure good pollination. This, however, is less essential with varieties that are self-fertile.

The Walnut Tree Company’s latest varieties typically start fruiting at three to four years of age.

Please look at the Shop page for our up to date list of fruiting varieties.

In addition to our normal fruiting selections we can also supply both Broadview and Buccaneer trees. These varieties are two of the UKs most widely grown selections and are very good for the commercial grower or the gardener. They are suited to a wide variety of soils and are grown all over the country.Please telephone for more advice.

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