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Mature Walnut And Fruit Trees

mature treesThese are now available from the Walnut Tree Company and are about 9/10 years old with a height of about 4 metres or so. Varieties can be discussed with Alexander Hunt at any time.  

Over the last 3 years these trees have proved to be very popular and are especially used as statement trees in prominent positions such as driveways, turning circles in front of houses, in stable yard quadrangles, or in chosen positions in any garden or paddock. They can also provide a great feature in office gardens, and municipal gardens/ open spaces. 

The advantages of buying these trees are that they are an instant fix for leaf cover, and cropping. The walnut trees are particularly popular. 

The walnut tree company provides a full planting service for these trees that need very careful handling and planting. They provide all the tree stakes, tree ties, guards and natural tree food pellets. 

The team at the Walnut Tree Company will travel any where in the UK to plant and to help establish  the tree/ trees. 

The approximate cost of the trees is £1000.00 each plus planting and delivery costs.  

Alexander Hunt welcomes  all enquiries and after an initial discussion will prepare a detailed budget to suit the special needs of the customers.  


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