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Planting and caring for your Almond Tree

An almond tree should be planted in a sunny site, with well drained soil, whilst the soil must be the same depth as the root ball, and several inches below the planting hole.

Ideally plant in February, as the days are cool enough to prevent the tree budding out.

Any damaged roots should be removed before planting, using a pruning tool dipped in a bleach solution to prevent introducing or spreading root disease. Root removal must be restrained, as it will reduce the nutrient storage in the tree’s root system.

Plant the tree at the same depth as it was potted, and so the uppermost bud is facing your prevailing wind, leaning 5-10 degrees in that direction.

Remove air pockets around the roots by tamping the soil lightly all around the roots.

Trees should ideally be spaced 4m (13ft) apart.

Fertilise your tree only after the new shoots are 10-15cm long (4-6 inches), add 113gr of fertiliser about 50cm (18 inches) away from the tree base, repeating this 2-3 times during the summer.

Prune when the tree’s buds are out, only enough to increase the structural strength of the almond’s trunk and its main scaffold branches. Prune at least every 2-3 years to promote strong growth.
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