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Planting and caring for your Sweet Chestnut Tree

Bare rooted trees should be planted in late autumn-early spring.

For best growth, plant in full sun, in a well drained fertile, deep soil.

Always plant so the grafting union is above the level of the soil.

Plant in a hole big enough to accommodate the depth and size of the roots, and water in well.

Remove any vegetation around the base of the tree to help keep in moisture and discourage weeds.

Trees should be spaced approximately 7m x 7m (23ft x 23ft) apart.

Sweet Chestnuts flower June-July, when long catkins appear. Harvest the nuts in October when the nuts are ripe as their outer skin (burrs) burst, others may need to be opened by hand.

Growth rate depends on varieties and growth conditions. Marron De Lyon varieties can grow to around 9m (30ft) and produce nuts after 2-3 years, whilst Marigoule varieties will fruit in 2-4 years.
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